comments by Rostislav Svrcek, the team member One of the most important steps which have been taken in our team this year is establishing a partnership with TEMPISH Company. We appreciate this cooperation very much and it is a huge step forward for us! TEMPISH supported our team last year as well and it had been with us basically from the very beginning. Our team is now called TEMPISH Heartbeat in-line and I believe we will be successful! More:

TEMPISH definitely ends with the sale of TEMPISH branded products in hypermarkets in 2017 1.2.2017

Already eight years ago it was decided that TEMPISH brand would be gradually withdrawn from hypermarkets all over the Europe. TEMPISH Company started to cooperate with hypermarkets in 1996 when the first hypermarket in the Czech Republic was founded, namely Globus hypermarket in Brno. More:

TEMPISH Vítkovice lost against Sparta Praha 23.12.2016

After the Tuesday’s victory over FBC Liberec, TEMPISH Vítkovice faced another team from elite competition, this time it was Sparta Praha. TEMPISH Vítkovice started this match more actively. After only two minutes Lukáš Hájek overcame Martin Beneš and scored a goal after the pass from Marek Švajný. However, in three minutes Sparta Praha equalled the score thanks to Milan Bína. Nevertheless, TEMPISH Vítkovice was still more active. Although TEMPISH Vítkovice had a lot of chances… More:

After two losses Vítkovice scores points again 21.11.2016

On the Czech public holiday on November 17 th the runners-up from Vítkovice welcomed to Dubina the players of Kanonýři Kladno. In last two matches they were not very successful and they needed to win if they did not want to lose contact with the top of the chart. However, it was Kladno who after the precise shot of Alois Burian opened the score of this match – 0:1. From the very beginning both teams were playing in fast pace. The home team caught up thanks to the goal of Ondřej Firda… More:

Runners-up from Vítkovice without a point for the first time 24.10.2016

In the Sports Hall Dašická in Pardubice final match of the seventh round of Tipsport SuperLeague was played, for the second time in five days home team Sokol Pardubice welcomed to their playing field Vítkovice. Thursday’s cup match seemed clear for the visiting team who gained three points for the victory 8:2. More:

1.SC TEMPISH Vítkovice wins again 14.10.2016

At the beginning of the match Vítkovice were rather struggling and had many inaccurate shots. Lukáš Souček had often hard time, especially when Marvánek, Svatoš or Časar were attacking. The score remained unchanged until the 15 th minute when Lukáš Hájek scored after getting a pass from Jan Šebesta. More:

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