TEMPISH INLINE in Klettwitz 19.5.2016

On Sunday on May 15 th 2016 another race of the Mittledeutscher Skating Cup (Middle-German Skating Cup) series took place, this time in Klettwitz, on a test ring DEKRA Test-oval approximately 60 kilometres north of Dresden. The Test-oval offers smooth asphalt to the skaters, without any gradients or sharp curves. One might say these are “the ideal conditions for racing”. However, during this year’s race (already the eighth in the order) we couldn’t say the same about the weather. The… More:

TEMPISH RSC-X 5.5.2016

A revolutionary freestyle skate model of TEMPISH brand, which was co-developed by the best Czech freestyle skaters, including Tomáš BRGUL Brandejs who belongs to the TOP 100 skaters in the world. More:

14th Spreewald Marathon 20.4.2016

On Friday and at the weekend from April 15 th to April 17 th 2016 other inline skating races were held. Everybody who loves inline skating could take part in these races, from hobby skaters to professional ones, as proved for example by participants such as Claudie Pechstein or Tiny Struver. More:

Masaryk RUN 2016 11.4.2016

Masaryk Run is a unique race which takes place directly on the motorsport race track of the Masaryk Circuit in Brno, which means on the same track where for example famous Valentino Rossi competes in motorbike races. Now TEMPISH was one of the main partners of this already third year of the race and during the races it provided a skate rental and service for racers. More:

36th Berlin Half Marathon 5.4.2016

The motto of the Berlin Half Marathon is „Der schönste Start in den Frühling”, which literally means “The Most Beautiful Start in the Spring.”  This year’s race matched the motto perfectly.  From the early morning the sky was clear and only here and there a cloud appeared so the weather offered all the skaters a possibility to improve their personal records. More:

Beginning of the anniversary year! 30.3.2016

This year 20 years of inline skating are celebrated at SCC EVENTS in Berlin. The 36 th Berlin Half Marathon represents a highlight in this anniversary year culminating by the 43 rd BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. Many skaters take part in both races – such as Hana, the last year’s GIC fitness winner, whom we interviewed before the start of the season. More:

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