Third race of German Inline Cup 17.8.2016

On Sunday August 14 th 2016 the third race of the German Inline Cup series in this season took place near Salzburg, on the so-called Salzburgring.  This year the skaters were very pleased with nice summer weather and a dry track which enabled them to use all the potential and reach high speed. The whole race was therefore ridden at a very fast pace; the Czech skaters were, however, able to keep up with it and some of them got to the winners’ podium and won valuable points for the above… More:

This year’s first BA inline!!! 26.7.2016

A new season of the well-known Bratislava night rides started last Friday and it was in high style. However, nothing was certain – the 13 th year of this very popular event was in danger till the very last moment. Nevertheless, thanks to the organizers’ great work and sponsors’ support skaters can ride through Bratislava streets this year, as well. More:


At the weekend July 9 th  and July 10 th  2016 a big sporting event took place in the German Großräschen situated in the Lusatian Lake District. This event involved several competitive disciplines, always with several different track lengths. Besides biking and running there were also inline skates competitions and skaters could compete in the following races: an individual time trial for 10 km, a team time trial for 20 km, a half marathon, and a 105km race. There were also races for… More:

24 in LeMans described by Hana Duspivová 8.7.2016

At the weekend July 2 nd and 3 rd the 24-hour relay in inline skating took place in Le Mans in France on the car racing circuit called The Bugatti which is 4,185 km long. There were 429 teams at this event, the categories were Solo (individuals), Duo (duo), Endurance/Enduro  (3 – 6-membered teams), Prestige/Sporty (7 – 10-membered teams) a Discovery/ Decouverte  (11 - 12-membered teams), Quads (teams with quad skates, 7- 10-membered teams). More:

German Inline cup - Hamburg 27.6.2016

On Sunday on June 26 th 2016 another race in inline skating was held in the north of Germany in the remote Hamburg. This time it was a half marathon which belonged to the German Inline Cup series, the prestigious German cup in speed skating. More:

WIC Ostrava 21.6.2016

On Saturday on June 18 th 2016 a special event from the world of inline skating was held in Ostrava – for the eight time several races took place there, the longest one, the 33km race, belonged to the World Inline Cup series. Skaters from nineteen countries were competing in this race, among them several skaters who belong to the top ten skaters in the world, such as Elton de Souza from France, Felix Rijhnen from Germany, Peter Michael from New Zealand, or Katharina Rumpus from Germany. There… More:

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